Modern Technology

Hosting of all EHR Servers at the GEMMS SOC Level 2 Certified Secured Data Center

Advanced Services

Mirrored Servers, Disaster Recover Services, and Co-location services

Effective Processes

Constant Monitoring of Hardware Infrastructure, Updating, and patching all Operating systems

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With the SaaS model , all clients access a single instance of the latest, most updated EMR software online. There s no need for practices to exert any technical effort or perform any maintenance all work is done by the provider and stored in the cloud. Software can be updated once on a single network, available to all who access that network


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Cloud based Services

A cloud based service takes the technological advantages of an SaaS and goes even further. EMR companies that offer cloud based services extend and amplify SaaS benefits by injecting continually evolving knowledge and back office services into a cloud network, driving improved results for everyone on that network. This three pronged approach to health IT network, knowledge and work is a powerful combination of elements that defines the most sophisticated level of IT evolution in EHRs.

Compared to conventional solutions such as installed software, cloud computing is uniquely defined by these characteristics

On demand self service:

Any resources, from vital business functions to basic e mail, are available to all users at practically any time


Upgrades can be made and applied across the network on one instance of software

Resource pooling:

Many can use the network at one time, accessing the same tools and functions

Broad network access:

Availability is ensured, since access is not dependent on location and can be done via a standardized device, like a PC or tablet with authentication

Rapid elasticity:

A cloud based network can easily scale, accommodating and responding to a rapid increase in the number of users and spikes in demand



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