The first complete technology
platform for your independent
cardiovascular practice

GEMMS will help you improve practice performance, patient experience
and maximize practice cash flow.

Cardiovascular Care Solutions that Help You Deliver High-Quality Care

Streamlining your clinical and practice management processes throughout the healthcare continuum

Built for the Specialist

An EHR that is purpose-built for the unique needs of cardiovascular practices, scalable for the single physician practice to the large cardiovascular centers including diagnostic centers, ambulatory surgical, and peripheral vascular centers.

Efficient and Effective Patient Care

Twenty years as a leader in Cardiovascular EHR technology by following the "living laboratory" methodology. Initially developed in a 28 location 50 physician cardiology enterprise, now our community of prcatices lead our integrated physician-patient workflow planning.

Precision Medicine

Leverage your health data to reveal the right evidence based care for navigating the complex clinical pathway. Stratify patient population apply medical decision and interventions tailored to the patient based on predicted response or risk of disease.


GEMMS ONE is a fully integrated EHR allowing for a seamless workflow throughout the patient care cycle.


Fully integrated within GEMMS ONE, clients have the ability to track patient appointments, create charges, process claims, post electronic payments, run PM reports, and manage collections.

Patient Engagement

GEMMS Patient Portal gives patients 24/7 access to personal health information and enhances patient-provider communications resulting in improved outcomes.


Creating flexible, efficient integration between GEMMS ONE and other systems. Tailored to meet specific interoperability needs with the ability to import and export data or text. In multiple ways.


Drive improved results for everyone on your network by leveraging the knowledge and back-office services into our cloud network.

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